Stall Catchers citizen science game catchathon!

Speaker Eglė Marija Ramanauskaitė  
Language EN
Stage /dev/random
Type Other

Stall Catchers is a citizen science game accelerating Alzheimer's disease research at Cornell University. The game was created at the Human Computation Institute (US), as part of the EyesOnALZ project, partially developed by Lithuanian developers & researchers. The data analyzed by players around the world can lead to the first ever treatment for Alzheimer's disease, as initial findings are really promising.

During the "catchathon" participants will play the Stall Catchers game, looking at movies of a live mouse brain and looking for "stalls" - clogged blood vessels. The participant who has done the largest amount of annotations at the end of the "catchathon" will win a prize !

Requirements for attendees

Have a smartphone, tablet or laptop