Intro to Speed Reading

Speaker Vidmantas Zemleris  
Language EN
Stage Analog
Type Presentation

We read every day. What if you could read faster, and remember even more?!

Most of us stopped learning how to read just after the primary grades. In schools we even learned some bad habits that might stopped us from progressing further, e.g.:

  • silently pronouncing each word in your mind - limits speed <250w/min; why to use visual -> audio -> visual pathway, if reading visually directly can be absorbed faster?
  • moving eyes whith each word - each eye movement induces of very short temporary blindness, so it's better to minimize it.

I'll mention a few more techniques, and when speed reading works well and when it's harder to apply. Intro/beginner level.

P.S. I myself used to be a slow reader, sometimes even getting frustrated about that. But the investment starts to pay off...