Rendering Worlds with Two Triangles

Speaker Gabrielius Mickevičius  
Language EN
Stage Digital
Type Presentation

Forget Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Unity, Unreal Engine and Valve Hammer Editor. In this talk we'll go back to the basics: raw OpenGL. Even more basic than that: two triangles in the scene only, just enough to fill the screens of our rectangular monitors.

I'll show how it's possible to model a 3D world solely in the fragment shader using the techniques of raymarching and distance fields. I'll illustrate this with GLSL code and geometrical diagrams.

I'll demo a handful of beautiful two-triangle creations people have made with these and more than these techniques, some of which even include audio (also "rendered" in the shader) and some interactiveness.

I wish I could live code one... I'll see what I can do.

I'll share my own thoughts on unique advantages and disadvantages of two-triangle creations when compared to "normal" rendering engines, and why they are cool.

In this talk I will present my own work, but mostly follow the work of Inigo Quilez, and creations on ShaderToy.

Requirements for attendees

Knowledge of the OpenGL rendering pipeline would help appreciate this talk, but is not required as a brief overview will be given at the beginning.