How absence of skills leads to great products

Speaker Lukas Avenas  
Language LT
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I will give some famous examples in design world. Examples of people who have greatly affected the industry by being good at what they do, but at the same time, by lacking some essential skills that all the competitors had.

Oki Sato is a founder and chief designer of a Japanese based design studio “nendo”. And this is what he often says during interviews:

"My sketches are really awful" - Nendos' Oki Sato “I have a feeling that if your sketches are beautiful, they make the stories a bit blurry. What helps me is really awful sketches.” – Oki Sato , interview with “Dezeen”

Now I would never suggest anybody to stop learning, but I wanted to share this thought, that the next time you are faced with a problem that you cannot solve with your current tools or skills, you are likely to have a creative advantage over those who have the skills.